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At Aspire Residential, our goal is to assist landlords achieve the maximum return on their investments, minimise any “hassle” and, very importantly, help manage the legal, compliance and health and safety risks associated with letting property in the Private Rented Sector. One of the key components of risk management is having a robust plan for what tenants should do in the event of an emergency that occurs “out of hours” such as in the middle of the night or on a weekend. It is essential that there are “crisis management” procedures in place to deal with matters such as fire risk, electrical safety, water leaks and gas safety concerns.

The Private Rented Sector Code of Practice (PRS Code) recommends that all landlords have a “established procedure for dealing with urgent requests for repair works, particularly for out of office hours”. To this end, we are pleased to announce that Aspire Residential has entered into an agreement with Adiuvo to provide crisis and emergency management services for properties that we manage.

Adiuvo is one of the largest contractor management companies in the UK and currently provides out of hours services for over 500,000 properties. We are pleased to partner with them in order to offer ongoing exceptional risk management services to our landlord clients.

Dealing with out of hours maintenance requests can be expensive where emergency contractors have to attend a property. To avoid unnecessary cost, our operational procedures include safeguards to ensure that any reported issue is indeed an emergency or whether maintenance work can be deferred until normal business hours. Additionally, where an emergency call results from a tenant’s actions (for example a lost key), our procedures ensure that the tenant accepts all charges and costs ahead of a contractor being sent to deal with the matter. All calls to the out of hours service line are recorded to provide additional risk management safeguards.

The combination of Aspire Residential’s first-hand knowledge of your property and Adiuvo’s well proven crisis management procedures should ensure the continued cost-effective maintenance of your property, the management of your risk as a landlord and the health and safety of your tenant.

The option to participate in this crisis management service will be offered to all client landlords and, over the coming weeks, we will be providing further information on how to participate. Should you have any questions regarding these new arrangements and procedures then please feel free to contact us on 01903 259961.


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For further information please see guides on the legal requirements for renting property and the PRS code