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Tenants - remember to ASPIRE to stay safe and comfortable in your home.


GREEMENT - Your tenancy agreement is an important document and you should act in accordance with it at all times. Also, please review your tenant toolkit, which has been designed to help you stay safe in your home.


S AFETY - All doors and windows should be operating properly. When away from the property, you should ensure that it is appropriately secured. If you plan to leave the property vacant for more that a week, please inform us ahead of time.


P REVENT - Please help prevent problems in your home. Avoid condensation by keeping the property well ventilated. Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly to ensure that they work. Take note of safety tips contained in your tenant toolkit.


NFORMED- Know what to do in the event of an emergency. Develop a fire evacuation plan. Know where the gas and water isolators are located and how to switch them off. Also know where the mains electrical switch is.


R EPORT- If you become aware of any damage or disrepair to the property (including the common areas of flats), then please report it to us immediately so we can arrange repairs. You should also advise us if you accidently damage the property.


E NJOY - Thank you for choosing to rent through Aspire Residential. We hope you enjoy your home. Should you have any queries or concerns, we are here to help.


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Read more about your tenant responsibilities .

To obtain a new version of your tenant toolkit, please contact us.